We Will Take Your Vision Of Your New Home...And Make It A Reality

Your vision for the design and construction of a new luxury residence or commercial project cannot be compromised...and that is the philosophy behind GM BATIMENT, where we specialize in serving the most discriminating clients. Our success comes from our ability to understand your vision... capture it... enhance it... complete it on time, and on budget, to your absolute satisfaction.
GM BATIMENT offers its clients a deep appreciation of architectural design, history, and heritage and an understanding of the tradition that best expresses your lifestyle.
Whether your plans are already complete, or you allow us to undertake the responsibility for both building and design, you may be assured of the ultimate in functionality, comfort, and grace.
GM BATIMENT specializes in both building and remodeling projects. We are available to manage all aspects of a project from start to finish. This turnkey program saves time, increases efficiency, enhances value, and frees clients from the details of the process.
Because we have experienced architects and designers, you can be assured that your building will be designed, from inception, to meet all community requirements and specifications. Most importantly, you can be assured of an architectural design achievement that embodies the ultimate expression of your own needs.
As your project becomes a reality, and as plans and drawings come to life, quality of materials and construction becomes paramount. Here, we leave no detail unnoticed. All materials are specified and chosen according to the highest criteria of quality and used with greatest care and finest craftsmanship.
While our construction and quality control techniques are the most technologically advanced, our painstaking attention to craftsmanship is decidedly traditional. Your project is carefully built by a skilled team of highly regarded construction professionals-masters of their craft who bring a sense of personal pride and accomplishment to every construction project they undertake.

The cost of a project depends on several components:

  • the type of services (construction,remodeling...);
  • the complexity of the project and design;
  • selected materials and furniture;
  • object area;
  • the number of employed people working on the project;
  • project deadlines;
  • etc.

Efficient and cost-effective construction techniques. Technological forethought and understanding. Excellence in craftsmanship. Sophisticated, individual design. Nothing else will do!

Five Steps To Your Dreamhouse


We will talk a bit about what's bugging you with your home.


If you are comfortable after our first chat, you can invite us to take a closer look. This appointment usually takes place within a couple of days of your initial call.


During this visit, we will listen and take lots of notes.


Depending on your remodeling project, your needs, and your questions; our first visit typically takes about 1 - 2 hours.


We will share with you how our design process will address your needs and your budget. There is no charge for this visit.